Hiring the right people for your team is one of the most challenging tasks you'll take on. Within the world of Information Technology alone, there are many different types of careers.

Peratus Solutions was founded due to a trend of unsatisfactory experiences, on both the client and candidate front. We found the more we spoke with different organizations, the common denominator became very clear. There’s a certain pattern of thought within hiring influencers, they are not excited with what their current recruiting providers were offering. There is an absence of industry knowledge and they felt bombarded with harsh selling practices – certainly a tough spot to be in.

We are dedicated to your success. Not only does your success benefit you, but with our Peratus Solutions Cares initiative, it benefits those in our surrounding communities. To find out more about how your success means helping out through a charitable donation, click here.

What To Expect From Peratus Solutions

  1. We ask the tough questions to get a true understanding of what type of candidate you’re looking for.
  2. A informative conversation about market trends and pitfalls.
  3. Complete honesty, transparency and responsiveness.
  4. A plan of action for each party involved.
  5. Continued communication post-placement with client to ensure long-term satisfaction.

What To Expect From A Peratus Solutions Candidate

  1. A well prepared candidate who is familiar with the role requirements and your organization.
  2. Specific skills and requirements that have been vetted and tested, ensuring the highest quality talent.
  3. Three professional references that have been completed for each candidate before they’re presented to you.
  4. Professionalism, as each candidate is a reflection of Peratus Solutions.
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